Courtenay Stocker

Mind Your (Google My) Business

You’ve worked extremely hard to build your business, spending countless days and sleepless nights establishing yourself in the market. It’s your passion. You have visions for the future, goals to reach, and a desire for growth. The question becomes; How do you turn these dreams into a reality? How do you get more eyeballs on ...

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What the H*ll is SSL?

The Internet. Is there anything so simultaneously wonderful and terrifying? You can get your hands on just about any piece of information you might ever want to know…but so can anyone else. And the thing just keeps growing and growing. As the Internet expands and evolves, it can become a dangerous place for users. All ...

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Sleeping Giant Turns 10! (Part 2)

Who We Were, Way Back When If you read our last article, you got to learn all about the history of this thing we call Sleeping Giant Creative. But who are the elves behind the machine? If you’ve ever wondered what our employees were like 10 years ago (and, I mean, who wouldn’t)…well, now’s your ...

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Sleeping Giant Turns 10! (Part 1)

Did You Know 2017 was Sleeping Giant Creative’s 10 Year Anniversary? That’s okay, neither did we. Well, okay we did, but we just forgot all about it. The cobbler’s kids never get new shoes, et cetera. Now that it’s November, and our anniversary year is almost over (though, we started up in July (Danni thinks), ...

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Sleeping Giant Creative believes that every person, every entity, and every endeavor holds a great deal of hidden potential. Sometimes all it takes is a creative kiss of life to awaken what’s been sleeping inside all along.

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