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Brochures, business materials, annual reports, direct mail…if it gets printed, Sleeping Giant Creative can design it. Though we’re well versed in the latest electronic media, we haven’t lost any of our old-school skills. (Except maybe paste-up.)

We recognize it’s critical to have a strong business brand identity and to feature that identity on all your materials—print and electronic. We can help you create a consistent image that builds brand awareness. We also have long-term experience with full-size publications and a myriad of newsletters, whitepapers, and eBooks. Whether the final result will be distributed via print or electronic media, Sleeping Giant can handle the project from start to finish, organizing your content and blending it with a strong design that supports your brand.

We’ve used several large firms in the past and their results left much to be desired. Consequently, we went looking for someone who understood the limitations under which small businesses work. Sleeping Giant Creative has given us materials that, at the very least, are on par with what the “big firms” provided—frequently, though, they’re better!

Because we are a small business, we need three things from our marketing partner: responsiveness, creativity, and cost effectiveness. Having now worked with you on several projects, I can safely say that you more than hit the mark on all these things. By the way, we are getting especially great reviews on our “Saving the Paving” guides.

Jeff Reger, Black Diamond Paving & Concrete


Sleeping Giant Creative believes that every person, every entity, and every endeavor holds a great deal of hidden potential. Sometimes all it takes is a creative kiss of life to awaken what’s been sleeping inside all along.

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