Why Opting for Image Optimization Is Optimal

We all know the old saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” The use of fun, splashy (and relevant) images on your website has the potential to attract customers and keep them engaged longer. It also has the potential to cut you with its double-edged blade…. If your website is full of large, unoptimized ...

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Mind Your (Google My) Business

You’ve worked extremely hard to build your business, spending countless days and sleepless nights establishing yourself in the market. It’s your passion. You have visions for the future, goals to reach, and a desire for growth. The question becomes; How do you turn these dreams into a reality? How do you get more eyeballs on ...

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Let’s Talk About Responsive Websites

Hey, you! How old is your website? A year or two? A few years? Several…? Is it responsive? Do you know what a responsive website is? It’s cool, most people don’t—it happens on the back end. But responsive design is becoming increasingly important for new websites, and you should probably make sure yours is. Responsive, ...

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Today We Are Women | It’s Finally Official

TODAY WE ARE WOMEN Indianapolis, IN – In a stunning blow to the patriarchy and men everywhere the Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises (MWBE) commission has declared that Sleeping Giant Creative is now, officially, a woman owned business. When reached for comment a stunned owner of the company, Dannielle Stark, could only mutter, “today we ...

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What the H*ll is SSL?

The Internet. Is there anything so simultaneously wonderful and terrifying? You can get your hands on just about any piece of information you might ever want to know…but so can anyone else. And the thing just keeps growing and growing. As the Internet expands and evolves, it can become a dangerous place for users. All ...

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