Keith Little, Black Plate Catering

It is a motherflipping home run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am screaming as I look at and read the website! Better than chocolate or sex! I knew I loved you all. You get me. Totally nailed it!

Beth Daniels, American Farrier’s Association

I love your organization of this project. When I kept getting a small window notice from DropBox that you were doing something with files and then I saw what you were doing I cheered out loud. If the fellow who put our program together in the past had been this organized we might not have been ripping our hair out every year at convention time!

Jennifer Lowery, USA Diving

You are awesome … as always!

Ken Honeywell, Well Done Marketing

We consider Dannielle an extension of our staff; her superb design fits seamlessly in our creative process. Her ever-quick execution allows more time for concepting, resulting in creative that blows our clients away, every time. Always thorough, Dannielle thinks through gaps in design or information before they happen, making project management more efficient.

Steve Ross, Taste of Broad Ripple

Over the years I’ve worked with many companies on website design & development. My experience with Sleeping Giant has been extremely professional, very creative, and seamless! Thank you for all of that!


Brooke Crosley, Crosley, Inc.

Being a new business owner, launching a website is a big deal. Sleeping Giant Creative walked us through the process with awesome vision and a great sense of humor. They were patient and supportive while holding us accountable to due dates. If it’s your first time building a site or the 100th time, Dannielle and her team spend time understanding your business, your vision, and what makes you tick. It was a pleasure working with them and we have a website that we LOVE.

Charles Stanton, Classical Music Indy

Sleeping Giant Creative has been an invaluable partner for Classical Music Indy. We have learned that our magazine, NOTE, is the envy of other organizations throughout the country because of our diverse writers and topics as well as the sleek design from Sleeping Giant Creative. They do a remarkable job at balancing sleek and modern with a classic sensibility that is appealing to both our traditional and more progressive audiences. We are working to update all our marketing to reflect the standards that SGC has brought to CMI.

Mandy Hurst, SV Solutions

Man you guys are awesome! Can I buy you a pizza?

Anthony Malichi, Pro-Ink Studios

That is so dope!

Constance Edwards Scopelitis, Artist

Damn you’re good!

Kendra Lee, KLA Group

Sleeping Giant Creative and Dannielle Stark are an integral part of our team at KLA Group. Their creative designs make our website, blog, and sales training programs stand above our competitors. We value their creative versatility, flexibility, and timely delivery. They understand what we’re looking for and continually deliver above our expectations.They bring a unique brand of innovation to everything they do, and it’s a pleasure to work with them.

Lisa Sirkin Vielee, Gracie Communications

Sleeping Giant Creative has been our design partner for more than five years. We continue to go back to them because they ask great questions and collaborate with us to in order to deliver fresh (not trendy) and smart design work. They are terrific partners who understand how great design contributes to business goals.

Marla Taylor, Hedges & Associates

Whenever we partner with Sleeping Giant for a design project, they are always incredibly responsive, professional, and willing to go above and beyond to meet our needs. Whether we are working on an annual report or redesigning an organization’s brand, Dannielle expertly balances our needs and expectations for the project with her own design expertise and creative input. This inclusive approach never fails to result in a final product that pleases us, our clients, and their target audiences. Sleeping Giant is the first design firm I would recommend to any nonprofit in Indianapolis.

Jeff Reger, Black Diamond Paving & Concrete

We’ve used several large firms in the past and their results left much to be desired. Consequently, we went looking for someone who understood the limitations under which small businesses work. Sleeping Giant Creative has given us materials that, at the very least, are on par with what the “big firms” provided—frequently, though, they’re better!

Because we are a small business, we need three things from our marketing partner: responsiveness, creativity, and cost effectiveness. Having now worked with you on several projects, I can safely say that you more than hit the mark on all these things. By the way, we are getting especially great reviews on our “Saving the Paving” guides.

Mike Bryant, American Theatre Organ Society

When Don Feely and I took over as co-editors of THEATRE ORGAN, the Journal of the American Theatre Organ Society, I was apprehensive about working with someone long distance. But then, we saw the first issue Dannielle produced. It very quickly became clear that distance wasn’t going to be a problem after all. Every issue of the Journal seems to look better than the one before.

We continually receive high praise for the Journal, especially for the look of the publication. As much as we appreciate the praise, most of it belongs to Dannielle. All we do is feed her the content; she takes that and makes us look good. Very good, indeed.

Bryan White, Arvis Eco

Dannielle and her team at Sleeping Giant Creative bring outstanding personal skills and talents to their clients. Dannielle was able to take the hundreds of thoughts and ideas I dropped in her lap and create, design, assemble, and implement a cohesive plan. It takes a truly talented professional like Dannielle to begin with a collection of random thoughts and puzzle pieces and end up with a fine finished product.

Adam Collier Noel, Artist

Every time Wendy (Franklin), David (Joseff), and I get together, we always remark about how amazing your work is. We are each so proud of the distinct business identities that you have created for us. You were able to capture our individual personalities through branding, and now we feel like true professionals.

I loved our one-on-one meetings, your personal attention, and how you always took my opinions into consideration. Because of Sleeping Giant Creative, I have had the confidence to take my business to the next level.


Sleeping Giant Creative believes that every person, every entity, and every endeavor holds a great deal of hidden potential. Sometimes all it takes is a creative kiss of life to awaken what’s been sleeping inside all along.

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