Sleeping Giant Turns 10! (Part 3)

Some Pretty Things We Done Did

Welcome to the 3rd and final (probably) installment of our 10th anniversary article series, Sleeping Giant Turns 10!! We hope you’ve enjoyed yourselves—if you haven’t yet read Parts 1 and 2, you can do so here and here. Highly recommended reading, 5 stars on Amazon.

This month, we’ll take you on a whirlwind tour through some of our favorite projects from the past decade. One per year, because that’s nice and tidy (though it was a bit rough making those decisions—every project is our baby).

Ready? Let’s start at the very beginning….


2006: American Theatre Organ Society
Perhaps we’re cheating a bit, going back to 2006, but this was the contract that started things off. In our first meeting, the then-editor said the publication looked like a Mexican prom gown. As much as we loved that visual (olé!), we thought it might work better as a little black dress.


2007: Haviland Collectors International Foundation
As a lover of dachshunds, Danni just had to use this statue on the cover…but the photo was small, poor quality, and low resolution. She decided to roll with it, and crafted a clever headline to make it all work. This “little cover that could” sparked one of the longest relationships in Sleeping Giant’s tenure.


2008: Well Done Marketing / Second Helpings
Well Done Marketing was a major part of our early growth, and we continue to enjoy working with them from time to time. This annual report even gave Danni a chance to show off her pretty new kitchen, which she stealthily worked into the background of the cover.


2009: CompuMage
These guys were fun to work with, as they’re one of the first (and only) IT companies we’ve come across that speak like humans, rather than robots. We worked up all sorts of goodies for them—rebranding, materials, a website…the whole shebang.


2010: KLA Group
We’ve done lots of stuff for KLA Group over the last seven years (brands, brochures, banners, books), but it all started with these icons. They’ve evolved over the years and now number well into the 500s. Each redesign is just a joy…nice little breaks, like pieces of candy.


2011: Thairapy
Sometimes joy comes from a fleeting little project that never goes anywhere. Love the name, love the concepts, love the brand.


2012: (Name Redacted)
Because of a confidentiality agreement, we can’t show and tell this one. But trust us…it was awesome.


2013: Yoga Trigo
Getting centered. Ohm, etc.


2014: Blind Pig
It’s not every day we get to put a pig in a top hat. Need we say more?


2015: Pro-Ink Studios
It’s not every day we get to put a cute kitty cat tattoo on a burly man’s back. Need we say more?


2016: Stutz Artist Association
It’s not every day we get to make an iconic hood ornament’s head explode. Need we say more?


2017: Black Diamond Paving & Concrete
It’s not every day we get to con our clients into letting us make a coloring and activity book for them, loaded with every cringe-worthy asphalt/paving pun we can think of. Need we say more?


We’ve certainly had a lot of fun over the last 10 years. And we’re only just getting started. Can’t wait to see what the next 10 years will bring!


Sleeping Giant Creative believes that every person, every entity, and every endeavor holds a great deal of hidden potential. Sometimes all it takes is a creative kiss of life to awaken what’s been sleeping inside all along.

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