Meet the Team

Dannielle Stark

After a nine-year run as art director at a local advertising agency, Dannielle felt she could do more to inspire her clients and make a greater impact as an independent designer. Thus, in 2007, was Sleeping Giant Creative born—with the belief that a smaller, more focused team can have more meaningful and significant impact for small- to mid-sized organizations, within more cost-effective budgets. She personally handles all concept and art direction, all the while standing avidly by her mission to make the world a prettier place. And with over two decades worth of experience in the biz, she’s managed to beautify a good chunk of the world she’s come into contact with. On a business card/website/print media level, of course.

Courtenay Stocker

The ultimate “Jill of All Trades” (it’s funny because Jill is her middle name), Courtenay has her hand in a little bit of everything…except making things look pretty. She leaves that to Dannielle. She’s obsessive-compulsive about organization; the oil in the cogs of all our projects, keeping everything running smoothly, efficiently, and on time. Courtenay has a proven ability to provide innovation, enthusiasm, and the forward-thinking leadership needed to take our business to the next level. As the main point of contact for most of our clients, she’s also likely to be the cheerful (usually) voice on the other end of the phone when you give us a call.

Kyle Smith

Kyle writes the pretty words to go with the pretty designs. In fact, she wrote these very words you’re reading…right. Now. With over a decade’s experience in business, technical, grant, and creative writing, as well as an extensive background in language arts and fine arts and artsy things in general, she’s become quite adept at finding that perfect balance between accuracy (boring) and expression (fun!). And she’s dedicated to bringing the Oxford Comma BACK.


Sleeping Giant Creative believes that every person, every entity, and every endeavor holds a great deal of hidden potential. Sometimes all it takes is a creative kiss of life to awaken what’s been sleeping inside all along.

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